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Father, mother, children with foreign elements

Post time: 06/11/2013

Vietnam law has recognized regulations relations father, mother and children with foreign elements. According to the father, mother, children with foreign elements are:

• The recognition of fathers, mothers, children between citizens and foreigners Vietnam.
• Vietnam between citizens together where at least one party overseas.
• Among the foreigners that at least one party residing in Vietnam.

This problem can only be made ​​if: the receiving party and alive at the time of filing , the father , mother or child is voluntary and there is no dispute about the father, mother, child .
When parents recognize that the minor children must have the consent of the mother or father is , unless that person is dead , missing, lost civil act capacity . However, if the minor children from 9 years and older enough , the father, mother , children must have the consent of that child .
When I got my dad mother father procedures for the receipt , and the receipt of the father she will do the procedure. But if the above procedures have unfortunately died or disappeared or lost their civil act capacity , the guardian would be the procedure for recognition of fathers or mothers who received child .
When adult children receive , the parent without the consent of the mother or the father is .
Profile father, mother , children with foreign elements include:
a)  Registration declaration father, mother, child ;
b) A copy of the documents to prove your identity, such as identity card or passport (for Vietnam citizens residing in the country ) , passport or other documents as valuable alternative travel document or residence card (for foreigners and citizens of Vietnam residing abroad ) ;
c) A copy of the birth certificate is recognized as the applicant in the case , of the mothers in the case for father , mother ;
d) Pursuant to prove paternity , child or parent , child ( if any) ;
e) A copy of household registration , or temporary window (for Vietnam citizens in the country ) , a copy of permanent resident card (for foreigners residing in Vietnam ) is the recipient of the father , mother , son.
Note: Profile father, mother or child due to the request submitted directly to the competent authorities.
Considering that the parties meet eligibility , Director of the Department of Justice signed the Decision of the father , mother , con.Trong case refused to recognize the father , mother , child , notify the Department of Justice the request and stating the reasons therefor.
Usually within 5 working days from the date of signing Director of the Department of Justice Decision of the father , mother , son , Department of Justice awarded the accreditation decision and write to this register receipt , unless case with good reason that the parties have different requirements on time .
When the decision handed mothers , children , and the receiving party must be present .
The father, mother , son relationship between Vietnam and other citizens or foreigners who had been resolved in the competent authorities of foreign countries must be recorded in the register of civil status.
Once done recording in the father , mother , son , the Director of the Department of Justice , the head of the agency will sign and issue the required certificate of the book noted in the household President.
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