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Rental Management is a form of service business has the potential real estate development in Vietnam . Floors South Street property is one of few organizations implement and expand the services of professional property management , specializing in the management of real estate leasing . The benefits to customers ( landlords ) to collaborate with Dianam.
For homeowners: 
     - Save time , improve economic efficiency : do not take time to lease real estate , finding suitable tenants , time vacant property in the first year will be withdrawn à revenue taken from property .
    - Legal: providing support services such as the rental management procedures for business registration , temporary registration , home insurance ... done quickly , professionally and for maximum benefit customers.
     - Scientific Management : The company provides a scientific software can help manage all the necessary information about the real estate without having to take place , the cost savings .
For tenants
      - Solving the problem of the language barrier : the difficulty in communicating with tenants are foreigners , not to want to convey is shown .
     - The incidents of property damage not in the lease , management support services for hire will have a professional repair parts fast processing , cost savings .
The process of using the service
     - Consult the renovation and repair of housing , buildings to increase rental returns .
     - Real Estate Management Contract between Dianam exchange and homeowner.
     - Find suitable tenants , signing leases Contract between Dianam exchange and tenants .
     - Advising , drafting tenancy , ensure the interests of customers.
     - Consulting on behalf of clients and implementation of legal procedures : for a certificate of business registration , tax code registration , purchase receipt , temporary residence declaration , order and security license , fire fire ... ( LOCAL MEN linked to lawyer's office professional , experienced in the field of consulting and implementation of legal issues ) .
      - Ensure income ( Dianam surcharge on behalf of the landlord and tenant periodically Dianam bear all risk in the event the tenant fails to pay rent ) .
     - On behalf of customers to pay the costs of electricity, water , services , insurance (in case of insurance customers ) ...
      - On behalf of customers to check and if necessary inform the implementation of tenant contracts ( using the status , pay rent , the changes in architecture , structural ... )
      - Renewal of lease , lease negotiation with the customer's approval .
     - Consulting and perform repairs , maintenance promptly upon request at the cost incentive ( Dianam has a team of consultants and perform repair professionals , are trained and responsible for the work ) .
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