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Feng Shui Tips to Create Harmony at Home

Post time: 07/01/2014

To have a family that is loving and supportive at all times is a blessing. To have a healthy, beautiful and happy home to share with your family is to be blessed twice! 

To bring more harmony into your family life, consider implementing some basic feng shui cures that are guaranteed to shift the energy in your home, balance and harmonize it. 
  • A feng shui a fountain in the East area of your home will bring benevolent Chi to your family. Be mindful about keeping the water clean at all times.
  • Have many happy images of your family throughout the house, especially in the kitchen, living room and the East area of your house.
  • Be mindful about keeping your bedroom, as well your children's bedroom in the best possible condition.
  • Balance your environment according to the five elements, taking into consideration the feng shui birth element of each family member.
  • Lower the EMF levels in your home, limit the use of harsh and dangerous chemicals. Opt for having a healthy home.
A harmonious home is a home that can accommodate a variety of activities and a variety of people without losing its healing essence. Creating a home with such power takes time. 

The beauty of this feng shui process is that the more love you put into it, the more love you receive back. Do not delay and start loving your home now, no matter how it looks at the moment. It just needs your help to uncover its healing feng shui potential.

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