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Give Your Living Room An Elegant Look With A Brown Leather Sofa

Ngày đăng: 16/01/2014

A brown leather sofa is a classical piece of furniture, usually seen in traditional interior designs. But it can also be included in modern or contemporary decors, given the right design. It gives the room a very elegant feel. It’s this particular combination of material and color that has this effect.

This chocolate-colored sectional looks amazing and has a very nice modern design


Leather is perceived as an elegant and even luxurious material. It’s because it used to be very expensive and only wealthy people could have leather furniture in their homes. Of course, now anyone can afford one but the image remained the same.

For a more traditional type of décor, there are certain shades of brown and finishes that look best


A brown leather sofa can look great even in a contemporary living room


This living room features a perfect balance of dark and bright shades and the sofa integrates perfectly


Here, the brown leather sofa coordinates with the coffee table


This shade of brown was chosen to match the rest of the décor as it feels very warm


Darker shades of brown are better for creating dramatic contrasts


The brown leather sofa is accessorized with fabric accent cushions for an eclectic effect


A contemporary living area with a smooth and elegant palette of colors


This lighter shade of brown suits this bright décor perfectly


The color brown is perceived as being a sober shade. It’s the color of the earth and it’s associated with autumn and nature. What’s interesting is that studies show that brown is the least-loved of colors, being the favorite shade of only 1% of people. Still, it remains a symbol of elegance. Brown is also associated with humility because it was worn by monks. But whatever the history of the color is, one thing is certain: a brown leather sofa will definitely add elegance to your living room.


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