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Introduction to Dianam Real Estate Trading Center
The establishment of Dianam Real estate Trading Center marked a new development of Dianam Trading JSC., creating favorable conditions to meet the requirements of business investment real estate projects of the Company and to best meet the needs of customers on exchange of real estate.
Since its establishment, the leadership Dianam Trading JSC., has set a goal : " Exchange building professional real estate - prestige - effective " and the motto of the Trading Center is " Always bring our customers the best products - best Service " . Through a series of market fluctuations , the leadership and staff of South Market Street remained constant creative efforts to improve service quality , towards the sustainable development of the Company .
Dianam Real Estate Trading Center was built on a large scale by the standards of the Ministry of Construction . The main business areas of Trading Center include:
 - Business Real Estate Services 
    * Purchase transactions , transfer , lease and rental of real estate ;
    * Advertising , Real Estate Broker ;
    * Valuation , Real estate auctions ;
    * Consultant , Real Estate Management ;
    * Financial Assistance.
 - Consulting and completing legal formalities related to Real Estate
    * Investment Advisory, legal consultancy projects ;
    * Design consultancy, architecture, interior free for customers .
Leadership and staff, collaborators young, enthusiastic, committed to Dianam Trading Center ongoing effort to continue to bring our customers the best services. On behalf of the Board of Directors of Dianam Trading JSC and all of the Company's staff in general and of Trading Center in particular sent to partners and customers the  trust thank and cooperation and bestwishes for health , success and prosperity.

Some pictures of the opening ceremony Dianam Property Trading Center:

All of cooperation information, please contact to us:
Headquarter: no 22D Giang Vo | Cat Linh | Dong Da | Hanoi
Tel: (84-04) 3787 8822 - Fax: (84-04) 3787 8282
Email: info@dianam.vn
Add: floor 1 & 2, 
no 22D Giang Vo | Cat Linh | Dong Da | Hanoi
Tel: +84 4 3787 8822 - Fax: +84 4 3787 8282
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Hotline: 043 787 8822
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Hanoi: no 22D Giang Vo | Cat Linh | Dong Da | Hanoi
Tel: (+84) 4 3787 8822 - Fax: (+84) 4 3787 8282
Email: info
@dianam.vn - sanbds@dianam.vn
Number of Certificate of business registration: 0101592377 by Department of Planning and Investment in Hanoi. 
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