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Make your pet a part of your life and home.

Post time: 26/09/2013

Make your pet a part of your life and home. A few ideas for how to make your apartment ready for a furry guest.

Most people like pets. A cat or a dog can really change your life. They make great companions, they are loyal and friendly and with them you never get bored. You might think that having a pet in an apartment is not a very good idea. It’s actually very false. An apartment can make a great home for both you and your furry friends. You just have to make some changes and adapt the design and décor. Here are a few ideas.

Everyone knows that cats like to climb. They enjoy sitting high on your furniture and watching and observing everyone else. They like privacy and they don’t like to be bossed around. There are lots of things that you can do to make your cat/s feel comfortable in your apartment.

For example, you can build them a set of stairs and climbing spaces and you can even turn a room into a playroom for the cats. The living room would be a nice choice. Also, if you have bookcases, you might want to leave a small space opened for the cat to sit in.

Cats also like stairs and platforms and there are plenty of pieces that allow them to do that. Cats particularly like to hide. They like to hide in the closets in between your clothes and in any small space they can fit into. So why not clear a space in the cabinet or closet and make a small entrance for the cat? You could also turn an ottoman into a cozy space for your cat while also being able to use it as a seat. And when your snuggly cat gets tired, it can go to sleep in a cozy bed that you can make out of an old suitcase.

Dogs would also like to sleep in a cozy suitcase but it would have to be a bigger one. Your dog would probably also appreciate a little house made just for him with a blanket and a pillow inside. A small dog would also fit inside a nightstand and this way it will also be able to sleep in your bedroom without disturbing you.

Another great idea would be a planter with a hollow space inside which could be used as a cozy sleeping space for your cat or dog. There are lots of interesting ideas that you can use as inspiration. So get to work and make your apartment a sanctuary for both you and your pet.


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