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Sofas That Sing: Chic Prints and Patterns on Your Biggest Piece of Furniture

Ngày đăng: 12/12/2013

It’s a bit intimidating, isn’t it, choosing a sofa. It’s probably the largest piece of furniture in your space, and there are just so many options. Size, frame, legs, color, upholstery options. As if that’s not enough to make you stressed, let me throw into the mix an option that is probably often completely overlooked: pattern.

A well-chosen patterned sofa can do more for setting the tone and stylizing a space than one might think. Of course, the size, lighting, and design aesthetic of the rest of your room must be considered before deciding whether or not a patterned sofa is for you. But patterned sofas can make a chic and highly unique style statement…in any color!


Black – Black and white are ultra-dramatic in this contemporary space with an Asian feel. A mid-sized b&w pattern on the sofa complement the room’s focal point but remain in the chic stratosphere of the space.

Navy – A neutral that is often overlooked, navy makes an excellent pattern base for a sofa. White walls in this living room keep the whole space feeling fresh, and a light-toned pair of leather club chairs provide visual grounding. The mixed pattern pillows atop the patterned couch are a bold and excellent choice.

Green – Natural and organic, this sofa’s pattern resembles a leaf-inspired ikat. In a space that is otherwise highly minimalistic, the patterned sofa serves double-duty, introducing color and serving the role of artwork in the room.

Brown – A larger-scale geometric pattern covering two sofas can actually lessen the visual impact that a solo patterned sofa has. In this large space where the outdoor view is the highlight, this is a good thing.

Grey – Huge grey suzani prints on this cream-based sofa lend a modern, sophisticated look to this living room. The pattern actually plays off the smaller diamond-shaped wallpaper and ikat chevron rug in the same colors. What an inspiring all-around blend.

Blue – This chevron-patterned loveseat is a bold and delightful partner with an adjacent link-patterned cream and coral sofa. Not to mention the oversized-floral patterned chair. What a fantastic way to show off one’s love for color and print – combine the patterns in a space and keep them coherent with plenty of neutrals and natural light.

Red – For the nature enthusiast, a foliage-based pattern on the sofa makes total and complete sense. The theme is carried home by way of throw pillow prints, potted plants, and vases of flowers. A pair of green striped armchairs is a subtle supporter via color. The sofa, though, is the life of this space.

Rainbow – Can’t decide on just one color? For the Bohemian decorator in you…maybe a patchwork-style sofa is for you. Varied patterns, but in the same colorways, help to keep this eclectic space fresh and fun…but still making great design sense.



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