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Tiny 28 Square Metre Apartment Designed Like A Puzzle

Post time: 12/11/2013

We’re usually pretty curious whenever we see a tiny apartment because it’s an opportunity to see what great design techniques have been used to make it comfortable and functional. The result: we’re always impressed by something. For example, in this case, what I like most about this apartment is its puzzle-like structure. It’s basically a one-room apartment but it has all the functions you find in a spacious home.

The apartment has a bedroom, a dining area, a kitchen, a closet and even a hallway and a staircase. They’re all inside this tiny space. In order to fit them all, a very special kind of design had to be used.

As you can see, we have two levels here. The bedroom is upstairs, although it’s a little strange to call it like that. The rest of the functions are on the ground floor. You can basically see all the rooms if you stay in the middle and you don’t even have to try very hard. It’s all right there.

Located in Madrid, Spain, this tiny space is like a box. It has compartments and lots of creative ideas have been used when designing it. You might wonder where everything fits in such a small space. Well, it’s all about ingenious thinking. For example, there’s plenty of storage inside that small staircase.

The kitchen is hidden behind those white doors adjacent to the dining area and there’s also plenty of storage in the bedroom. It may be small but it has everything you need. The apartment was designed by Beriot Bernardini Arquitector.  


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