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Foreigners can inherit property in Vietnam?

Post time: 06/11/2013

In real relationship inheritance, the inheritance is whether citizens or foreigners Vietnam can receive the inheritance of loss. However, relations have inherited a legacy of real estate, many problems arise.
For citizens permanently residing in Vietnam Vietnam when inherited property is the procedure they confessed heritage and registration certificate of change of land use rights , house ownership and property attached to land ( certificate of land use rights ).
There are groups of foreign elements , inherited property in Vietnam is divided into the following three cases :
- Vietnam who settled in foreign competent authorities of Vietnam to reside in Vietnam for three months and agreed that: He was a citizen of Vietnam.
- The original Vietnam is subject to the direct investment in Vietnam , who have made ​​contributions to the country , scientists , cultural centers , who have special skills that agencies and organizations in Vietnam have needs and are working in Vietnam.
-  Who have spouses Vietnam citizens living in the country .
This group has the right to inherit property in the home is associated with land use rights in Vietnam as citizens residing in the country .
The original Vietnam residing abroad but not in the case of the competent bodies of Vietnam visa exemption certificate and be permitted to reside in Vietnam for three months or more .
This group has the right to own a private house or an apartment attached to the land in Vietnam . Therefore, if they inherited the legacy is on the property , they can claim the inheritance procedures and certificate of change of land use.
The Vietnam foreigners residing in the remaining cases and foreigners.
Under current law , they are not subject heading home ownership rights associated with land use . So in relation to inheritance , they have no right to the name in the certificate of land use rights .
However, they may transfer or donate the property rights associated with the land use rights . In other words, rather , they can only receive the value of the inheritance if the inheritance is property.
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