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Named Vietnamese for foreign businesses

Post time: 06/11/2013

According to the Enterprise Law 2005, the business name must be placed by Vietnamese, including the names of foreign enterprises. Therefore, foreign companies need to consider in order to avoid problems arising. In fact , when the birth to 3 business name: Vietnamese name , the name of a foreign language and the abbreviated name ( the name stands for the name in Vietnamese or foreign language ).

However, under the law , the name of a foreign language is the name translated from Vietnamese name , so the selection of Vietnamese name is very important .
First of all , we should note the name of the enterprise consists of 2 elements : the type and name of the business. Type of business includes four categories: limited liability companies , joint stock companies , partnership firms and private enterprises .
Also , the name can have more lines of business , forms of business investment if registered lines of business or make investments in that form .
For example : " Food Corporation Vina Orange " , the " Corporation " is kind of , " Vina Orange foods " are proper names , including " food " is the name of the lines of business that the business register now . But the question here is " Orange Vina " Vietnamese considered or English ?
According to the guidelines of the Enterprise Law in 2005 , the Vietnamese name is the name to be written in letters of the alphabet are more Vietnamese F , J , Z , W , numbers and symbols , and to pronounce .
That means that in addition to 26 letters in the English alphabet , foreign enterprises are also used to add the letters : A, A, D , E, Oh , Oh , U is the individual letters in English Vietnam . Thus , the word " Orange Vina " here is understood as 10 letters of the Vietnamese alphabet assembled not be interpreted as the English word .
It should also be noted that , with the right business proposal is expected to register the name of the business, but the business registration agency has the right to accept or reject . However, clearly stating the reason and the decision is final .
For example : " Company service providers Joy " , the case if the agency feels registered business name sensitive and it lists the name repulsive violations , the registration authority the right to refuse , and that's final decision , businesses need to change the name .
Dianam Legislation Committee

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