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Last part: Eligible customers - key to success in investment real estate projects

Post time: 14/10/2013

DianamRe - The painting "inventory" and bad debt is now too expensive lesson for investors has been overlooked and are not interested in the study and evaluation of the market prior to the introduction of real estate projects accordance with specific customers.

A quick consumer products like interest, and factors affecting very large majority of the sales period of the project. Photo: NK

Looking back at the historical development of the real estate market in Vietnam in the period of " hot sauce " as the 2006 - 2008 showed us , the majority of investors (Investor ) Investment in common is the main movement . Thinking " advantage " of the Investor to the stage where emerging market " bubbles " are not interested because they make products to sell to? The financial capacity of the client like? Class and social position of the client? Picture of national economy ? Priced right for the income of the majority of people or not ...
And as we all know , the result of a lack of professionalism and thinking " eating away " of the CDT has left an excessive burden for the economy that is typical " bad debt " with the story of " inventory " problem is still unsolved .
Another project is to be successful must be based on many factors such as profit margin , time of construction, quick payback , effective marketing strategies , product line with the market , pricing strategy in line the ... To achieve the desired results as stated above , there is a core element of importance is the beneficiary .
Positioning customers
The key to success in real estate investment projects are still going to buy one ? So that CDT can provide a consistent business strategy . When it comes to customer segments , typically , foreign investors often rely on fundamental factors such as customer income , age , class and clients to determine the appropriate product introduction with market demand .
Evaluation based on income:
A quick consumer products like interest, and factors affecting very large majority of the sales period of the project . The majority of people here we have to understand that objects have average income of the majority of the community . For example :

No. The average income / month Cost / month Actual income % of group
1 From 3 - 10 50% 50% 45%
2 From 11- 20 40% 60% 20%
3 From 21 - 30 40% 60% 15%
4 From 31-50 40% 60% 13%
5 From 51-100 40% 60% 7%
(Unit million / month sample statistics)
The determination of the client object based on the income of the majority group in the community, to the advent of suitable products will help businesses to limit the risks of the product is "located" on the market.
Evaluation based on customer age group:
No. Customer group Children Age group Scale Rate (%)
1 Celibate 0 18- 24 1  
2 Young couple 1 25 – 30 3  
3 family 2-3 30-39 4  
4 Middle-aged 3-4 40-55 5  
5 Retirees Gownsman 60-70 2  

(Table statistics reference form - Theo thang score 5)

Age group of clients is important for a strategic investment projects . Through reference sample table above shows us : Group 3 groups 2-3-4 is more potential customers and the demand is higher than the other groups through the following analysis :
Group 1 : The customer group is in the process also influenced the family finances . As the group is complete knowledge in the new field or industry should establish the financial capacity is limited. This group is not a group to be potential customers .
Group 2 : The group has grown and there are jobs . Married high demand . The desire to build your personal life , family development . However, this group is not abundant financing for long- time work should not also have the cumulative limits .
Group 3 : The customer group is relatively financially stable , have stable jobs . Demand high for the extended family , the children have more room and spacious living environment better .
Group 4 : This group is complete in all aspects and has the best financial ability . This is the group of customers with high housing affordability to invest and develop .
Group 5 : As an old age group after their children were successful , stable . Housing demand is not high compared with the group of customers .
Positioning based on customer groups :
Not only Vietnam but most countries in the world have the stratification of income and social status , which is normal . Demand also enjoy the differences and choose the right product fit location varies society . The problem is that the CDT capture trends and locate their specific customers depending on the financial resources of each company . Since then , the advent of suitable products.

No. Customer Group Purchase demand Rent demand Rate (%)
1 Overseas – Foreigners high average 5
2 Intellectuals salaries high average 15
3 Small traders average average 20
4 Investors high average 10
5 The employees high low 30
6 freelancers low high 10
7 Student – just worked low high 5
8 Retirees low low 5

(Table statistics reference form)

Investment property is a form of project -specific investment different from other forms of investment . To be a successful real estate projects is a complex workflow and science . Given that the market is " dormant " extended present . Then locate the specific client object before investment promotion measures necessary to minimize the risks and avoid losses to the enterprise .
The experience of the investors in the developed countries there is a huge difference compared to domestic investors . To give birth to a project , the poll customers, introducing products for clients to consult ... is an indispensable stage . They easily accept costly analysis , market assessment before construction project than done ... When nobody buys understand and reflect the needs of new customers they conduct investment . To put it literally : they have a new customer then under construction . But the CDT in the water first and then build the project invites customers find later! ?
The " inventory " on the market today is the lesson that the CDT should draw profound experience . As the lesson " blood " to avoid falling into the trap of inventory in the future .
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Lecturer Huynh Anh Dung - U.S. CRS ( School of International Training Leader Real )

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